Knitted Anatomy

Katharina Sabernig is a medical doctor and anthropologist who has been working on visualizing medical content, Tibetan medical terminology and the history of anatomical illustrations worldwide. Inspired by the diversity of representations in different medical cultures, their intrinsic materiality as well as ethical issues involved, she started knitting anatomical objects in 2015. The current project presents some of her amazing creations, aimed at communicating validated scientific knowledge through art.

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Immunological EnmeshmentsThe immune system is a highly complex system with several players involved. We observe a heterogeneous group of humoral factors as well as white blood cells, which are cellular factors. Hungry phagocytes directly engulf invading pathogenic antigens. Simultaneously, dendritic cells take up these antigens, analyse them and present their relevant components to the lymphocytes, which in turn produce antibodies to combat any further invading antigens. The film about Immunological Enmeshments is based on animated photos, video sequences and 3D scans of the knitted cellular actors.

  • Knitted objects: Katharina Sabernig
  • Scientific direction: Katharina Sabernig
  • Animation: Tatia Skhirtladze
  • 3D Animation: Sarah Wilhelmy
  • Text: Katharina Sabernig
  • Speaker: Michael Balk
  • Sound and music: Herbert Schulz