Travel Grant Award

The organizer has decided to give travel grants to attend the Joint Conference of IASTAM & ASHM to the young fellows travelling from low to middle income countries.
The selection of grant recipients will be based on the scores assigned to their abstract by the Committee. To be eligible for consideration, the presenting author must meet the following requirements.

Eligibility :

  1. Go to abstract submission and apply.
  2. Be the presenting author of an accepted abstract after review.
  3. The presenting author’s country of organization (affiliation) are from low to middle income countries.
  4. The presenting author must be 45 years old, or younger.
  5. The presenting author must register for the conference.

How to Receive the Grant?

  1. The notice of award will be sent via email after the decision.
  2. The travel grant award will be given in cash (USD) at the conference site after the presentation.
  3. The amount & number of the Travel Grant Award will be announced later.

Winners :

  1. (Philippine) A1-046 Tradition and Reception of Medical Astrology in Philippine Communities
  2. (India) A3-001 Tribal Medicinal Knowledge and the Intellectual Property Protection: A Study of Malabar Region in Kerala
  3. (Nepal) A5-005  Clinical Care, Buddhist Practice, Experiential Education, and Covid-19: Reflections from Mustang, Nepal
  4. (Bhutan) A11-001 An Antibacterial Activity Of Chi-Med Srin-Sel, A Traditional Medicine of Bhutan: A Fusion of Traditional Medicine Knowledge and Science
  5. (India) A11-005  The Role of Ksharsutra an Ayurveda Medicated Seton in Treatment of Anal Fistula and Pilonidal Sinus Disease