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Post-conference Tour - Taitung Prehistory and Austronesian Culture About

The National Museum of Prehistory in Taitung City, Taiwan, explores the region's prehistoric era through exhibits featuring archaeological finds and artifacts. It offers insights into the lifestyles of early inhabitants, making it a key destination for history enthusiasts.

Adjacent to the museum is the  Peinan Site Park, dedicated to preserving and promoting the cultures of Peinan peoples. This park showcases traditional crafts, houses, artworks, and performances, fostering awareness of the diverse traditions of Taiwan's prehistory communities.

Together, these institutions contribute significantly to Taitung's cultural richness, providing resources for scholars, researchers, and visitors to understand the region's prehistoric roots and the vibrant traditions of its indigenous peoples.

The National Museum of Prehistory and Peinan Site Park Official Website (Click)


Date:  June 25th to June 26th
Group: Minimum of 30 participants
Departure at lobby, Chang Yung-Fa Foundation International Convention Center
Registration method: Additional purchase optional. Online registration with New Taiwanese Dollar 15,000 ≒ USD 480 / per person. (Include Transportation and Accommodation)