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Taipei, Taiwan

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The main language spoken in Taipei is Mandarin, but many people also understand and speak English.


Taipei has a warm climate throughout the year, making it great for travel. In June, the average temperature is 30℃. For more weather information, visit the Central Weather Bureau (Click).

Time Zone

Taiwan is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


The currency used in Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). You can exchange foreign currencies at banks, airports, and hotels. Most places in Taiwan accept major credit cards.


Taiwan uses 110-volt electricity with 60 cycles. Some places also have 220-volt sockets. If your devices use a different voltage, bring an adapter with you.

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate is about US$1 to NT$32. You can easily exchange foreign currencies at airports, banks, hotels, and large department stores.

Tipping & Tax

Sales tax is included in prices in Taiwan. Tipping is not common, but some hotels and restaurants may add a 10% service fee to the bill.

Telephone & Wi-Fi

You can find public telephones throughout Taipei. Free public Wi-Fi is available both indoors and outdoors in the city. Look for the Wi-Fi network named "TPE-Free". To use the service, set up an account at one of the twelve Tourist Information Centers in Taipei, including Taipei Main Station and Songshan Airport.